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Marxist Criticism

The two joint founder of Marxism are a German philosopher, Karl Marx, and a German sociologist Friedrich Engels. They called their economic theories as a Communism, not Marxism, and it is designated their belief in the state ownership rather than private ownership. Marxism aims to bring a classless society, based on the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Marxism’s philosophy is materialist, which means it tries to explain things without assuming the existence of a world, or of force beyond the natural worlds around us, and the society we live in. Where other philosophy seeks to understands the worlds, Marxism seeks to change the world. However, Marx and Engels never did put any comprehensive theory of literature. It was other Marxists that develop other theory like Leninist Marxist criticism, Engelsian Marxist criticism, and the present Marxist. Continue reading “Marxist Criticism”

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If You Forget Me

The following post is going to analyze the poem entitled If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda, which is considered as one of the most popular love poem in literature. This poem was published in a collection of Neruda’s poem entitled Captain Verses in 1952, although there is no way of knowing the exact year when the poem was written, many believe that it is most likely written between 1948-1952 while he was an exile. What interesting about this poem is that many critics believed it is not just a poem Neruda wrote to a lover, but they believe this poem is also intended for Neruda’s homeland, Chile, which the timing is perfect since it is believed that he wrote this poem while he was an exile in Europe, away from his home. However, this time it is going to be analyzed as a love poem. The elements that will be analyzed are the structure, the sound patterns, and also the meaning of the poem. Continue reading “If You Forget Me”

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Comedy Play Analysis

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share you about my analysis of the play entitled Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is a short play by Greg Vovos that tells the story about a young woman named Mary who is having a hard time finding help while she is on the verge of death. This comedy play also have some absurdity element in it, as when someone comes with the intention of helping her saving her life, a little strange things happen between Mary and that person. Continue reading “Comedy Play Analysis”

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“Press Release” Example






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Short Play Analysis

Today I’m going to analyze a play by the author Susan Glaspell which entitled Trifles that was published in 1916. The play is about the investigation of the death of John Wright which took place at his farmhouse. The investigation includes the county attorney, the sheriff, and witnesses. The play starts with the sheriff, county attorney, and Hale enter the kitchen, and also followed by Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife and Mrs. Hale, the witness’ wife. Continue reading “Short Play Analysis”

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Comedy in Literature

In the most common literary application, a comedy is a fictional work in which the materials are selected and managed primarily in order to interest and amuse us: the characters and their discomfiture engage our pleasurable attention rather than our profound concern, we are made to feel confident that no great disaster will occur, and usually the action turns out happily for the chief characters. (According to M. H. Abrams)

Comedy is the other major dramatic genre besides tragedy. It is a drama chiefly written to amuse its audience, with characters mostly taken from everyday life, (as opposed to tragedy, where they are superior to us in character or social standing) and a plot usually ending happily. In the Middle Ages this term simply meant a story ending in happiness, and was seen as the complementary of tragedies, the two together making up the wheel of fortune, a major symbol of human fate. Continue reading “Comedy in Literature”

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Healthy Less Salt Diet Food

Hello health enthusiasm people, I want to introduce you a healthy food that I have eaten in these past few weeks. The product name is “Less Salt Diet”. It’s clean and lean food that made from organic ingredients, vegetables, and fruits. 

If you are looking for clean food to help your diet, this is might be the right thing you should try, it will help you stay lean, fit, and healthy then you will achieve your body goals. This product recipes focus on whole foods that will fit into anyone’s healthy eating plan with less salt and they also provide with no salt at all on the food, we can choose whether we still want salt on our healthy food or not at all. Even though this product is less salt food but it’s tasty and delicious compared to others diet food that I have tried before where most all of them are tasteless.  Continue reading “Healthy Less Salt Diet Food”