Hello there! My name is Lydia Marina, I’m English Department student currently in 6th semester that take English for business. My career goal is to become an international flight attendant, experienced to travel paradise destinations around the world, with the longer-term aspiration of moving into a business woman in the fashion industry. My strength is that I am open minded person, I would love to listen about people’s opinion about something. I don’t mind if I got criticized by other people. My weakness is that I am a vulnerable person that always use my heart first when I think about anything, and how I solve my weakness is by think clearly with logical thinking. People described me as a positive thinking person because I’m very easy to trust people, even a stranger that I barely knew. But, as I’m mature now I just realize that life is not just black and white, don’t trust everything that you see easily, even salt looks like sugar.

“Perfectly Imperfect Life of Mine” is a blog that I made to fulfill assignments that I take. Beside that I’ll also write about my experiences, and what my heart’s desire to share about, especially something that I have learned in life as the tag-line itself has a meaning that this blog is about my perfectly imperfect life.

I always love to try something that is new for me, I never feel scared to try it, if I think it’s interesting, then I’ll try it without a second doubt. For me to experience thing in life is something that is really exciting yet challenging. As a young woman I always think that it’s okay to live the life the way you want it to be. Try something that you love, because we won’t as young as we are now, again.
I’ve never had a blog before, so this is my first time. Hopefully it would help the reader to know something that they might never know before by reading this blog.